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Could you imagine that we have already reached the month of April in 2024? Now, in the field of design, this means that we may begin looking for emerging trends that will dominate the sector in the coming year. While there are other specialties in this industry, we aim to focus simply on web design trends.

You may have browsed to several Service websites or e-commerce platforms and seen numerous aspects that prompted you to interact with the pages. With the AI race reaching new heights, we may expect more intelligent replies and personalized experiences. So, how will this affect upcoming trends? Okay, let’s have a look.

Top 5 Web Design Trends:

1. User-friendly Design

User Friendly Web Design

You may have seen a lot of websites focusing on UX (user experience). And rightfully so. This is one of the most popular web design trends, and it is anticipated to grow even more in the coming year as designers battle to develop immersive user experiences. Websites that are user-centered have a lot of different parts.

While the ultimate outcome includes lead generation, increased traffic, and conversions, the path to getting there is centered on the visitors. Every interaction or touchpoint on the website is created with the user in mind.

The navigation bar, hero image or headline, animations or videos, and content are all designed to interest visitors within the first few seconds. Every piece of content on the home page should be clear and concise, conveying what the company has to offer and how it might help potential clients.

Businesses can readily identify their customers’ wants and preferences, allowing them to offer personalized experiences. Today, many websites use AI-powered platforms to streamline navigation and provide fast recommendations or answers. In the future, web design trends may focus solely on user experience.

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2. Vibrant gradients

Vibrant Gradients

Instagram reintroduced gradients in logo design, and it was only the beginning of a trend. Graphic designers and brands studied people’s reactions to the new app symbol and concluded that gradients may enhance the appeal of websites, photography, and logos. Let’s keep the conversation focused on web design trends.

If you’re starting from scratch or redesigning an existing website, consider using gradient accents in black and white or highlighting CTAs in colorful tones. If you wish to employ a more prominent color palette, use gradients in the backdrop for photos or complete sections and alternate with white space.

Gradients can improve the visual attractiveness of service websites and e-commerce platforms alike. They can highlight important messages, compel individuals to act, and entice visitors to scroll further.

3. Vibrant typography


This is another emerging trend in web design. The technique of animating text to grab the viewer’s attention right away is known as moving typography. Numerous companies and designers have already adopted this style.

Kinetic typography can be the focal point of your website and can also be used as a standalone feature on the homepage. Moving text for headers or subheadings makes it easier to keep readers engaged while also avoiding clutter on the page. To improve the browsing experience, there is no need to fill areas with graphics or shapes. It also does not slow down the page and is visually pleasing on mobile devices.

This web design trend is predicted to be quite significant in the future. Kinetic typography can be added to websites for digital marketing services, portfolios, agencies, and a variety of other platforms to increase their effect.

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4. Engaging storytelling

Story Telling

Designers will need to reach deep into their toolkits by 2024 to engage people with web design narrative. We believe it’s already a big trend everywhere! In a highly competitive environment, storytelling can help to establish a distinct brand identity and voice.

How can it be one of the emerging web design trends when it has dominated the design industry for so long? This is where innovation comes in. By incorporating interactivity into narrative, you may make a powerful impression on the audience and persuade them to stay on the page for a long period.

Getting this correctly may prove difficult. Interactive storytelling is all about incorporating components that guide visitors from one location to another without breaking the flow of information.

Gamification, films, and immersive 3D visuals can help you create an unforgettable experience for website users. This also does not imply that you have to go large with interactive storytelling. Simple animations with two or three graphics or dynamic text are also effective. This web design trend can serve as excellent inspiration for e-commerce websites.

5. Handmade Illustrations


This is another web design trend that we should expect to see a lot more in the future. While Mailchimp popularized the use of illustrations on websites, they have been less frequent in recent years. Well, that has certainly changed. You may have come across websites with highly interesting handmade illustrations that keep you captivated and push you to scroll to the finish.

With such visualizations, you may tell stories, explain how a company solves a real-world problem for customers, or highlight various offerings. Handmade graphics do not have to be overly detailed and might communicate the intended message with a basic style.

You may utilize illustrative graphics on any type of website to provide users a memorable experience. Handmade graphics are expected to become the main web design style in 2024 due to their versatility. Images may be incorporated into many different themes, layouts, and elements. They are crucial to the success of web design and help organizations thrive over the long term.


Finally, the top web design trends list for 2024 has come to a conclusion. You should expect to see practically all of them dominate the business within the next year. If you’re going to make adjustments to a website, totally redesign it, or create one from scratch, keep the trends listed above in mind.

With UX-centric components, interactive storytelling, and dynamic typography, you can design a website that is both current and timeless.

We are not saying you should rely entirely on them; rather, we are stating that you may surely add a few aspects to boost visual appeal and attract the visitor’s attention on the first look.