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Today, digital presence is more crucial than ever before. A website is one of the most fundamental yet influential platforms; optimizing it for your business can yield remarkable results. WordPress is one such platform that enables the development of effective and functional websites. WordPress provides access to an abundance of tools that facilitate website development and much more. Plugins are an example of such applications that facilitate the customization of a website.

Plugins for WordPress function as applications that facilitate the addition of innovative functionalities and attributes into a given website. For example, plugins may be employed to integrate various components into a website, including contact forms, image galleries, sliders, and more.

Why Use Plugins for WordPress?

One of the best things about WordPress plugins is their wide range of applications. A vast array of over 50,000 free plugins may be found in the WordPress Plugin Directory, along with an endless variety of commercial plugins created by independent developers. As a result, the possibilities for personalization are limitless. Whether one’s goal is to optimize search engine optimization, increase website security, or enable direct product sales, a plugin exists to suit those specific requirements.

When you have a sea of options, selecting the most effective plugins for a WordPress website can be a source of confusion. We at aruby created a list of the top 8 wordpress plugins which will increase your website’s efficiency and functionality. 

How exactly can one choose the best wordpress plugin?

Given the vast array of plugin options available, the task of selecting one may appear boring and irritating. These tips will guide you in making the best choice:

Analyze the reviews and ratings: This will help you to know the efficacy and reliability of the plugin.

Active Installation: A huge number of active installations indicates it’s recently updated and reliable.

Compatibility with your wordpress: The majority of plugins specify which versions of WordPress they are compatible with. So, it’s better to check whether your wordpress version is compatible with the plugin or not.

Check recent updated date: This will help you to know more about the plugin whether it’s still in development or it’s in maintenance status.

Top 8 WordPress Plugins For Your Business

  1. WooCommerce

WooCommerce has gained a substantial following and widespread usage. This is because it enables businesses to fulfill a fundamental requirement of online purchasing features through a straightforward and less complicated procedure. The plugin responsible for the transformation of a website into an e-commerce platform is WooCommerce. It addresses each and every aspect of effortlessly selling your products or services online. Although it is a free instrument for launching an ecommerce business, paid add-ons are accessible.


  • Multiple shipping and payment methods which are highly protected.
  • In addition to backup, authentication, and SSL certificates, there are features such as malware prevention.
  • They provide you inventory management and scalability.
  • In addition to customizable themes and extensions, additional functionalities such as report generation and analytics are also provided.

Having a website tailored to your company’s specifications is merely the beginning; the site must also be optimized for search engines. It is necessary for the website to reach its intended audience. AIOSEO is the perfect plugin for website optimization. It conducts an assessment of the content and offers recommendations for enhancing its quality. While AIOSEO is accessible to all users without charge, a premium edition is offered for a fee that provides access to more advanced features.


  • It generates an XML sitemap for the Google search console representing the website.
  • Structuring of paragraphs and keyword density verification.
  • Sharing capabilities across multiple social media platforms.
  • It provides analysis of readability and SEO.
  1. WP forms

It is virtually impossible to accomplish website development without including forms. Users are requested to provide their contact information; alternatively, an inquiry form or a feedback form may be included. This is how important forms are on your website. WP forms within the plugin simplify form integration for non-coders. Additionally, this plugin grants you the ability to personalize your form to suit your requirements.


  • A variety of templates are available to serve various purposes.
  • Creative form design is possible with the aid of drop and drag.
  • Methods for integrating with various payment and social media platforms.
  1. Elementor

The design of the website has a significant impact on the user experience. Elementor is the plugin that facilitates page creation without the need for coding expertise. Utilizing pre-existing templates helps in the process of designing the page. It enables the user to use drag and drop features to build the website layout. Modifications to the design can be done without depending on the backend. It can be utilized without charge, and paid versions are also available.

Along with elementors pre existing templates check out SM90s website builder. This AI website builder develops websites without using a single line of code. All you just need to do is give information about your website and AI will develop the website for you.


  • In addition, marketing and e-commerce instruments are included.
  • It helps you in the development of lightweight layouts through the utilization of flexbox, free elements, and CSS grid containers.
  • It provides a template library for rapidly generating designs.
  1. MonsterInsights

You construct your website with a specific target audience in consideration, i.e., individuals with whom you intend to establish a connection or who will utilize the site. This plugin enables you to gain a deeper understanding of your users through the monitoring of their online activity. Information such as the duration of time users spend on the page and the amount of content they consume. These data, which are analyzed with the aid of analytics, are vital for developing business expansion strategies. One of the essential plugins that is readily accessible without cost.


  • It generates a report in real time that provides enhanced insight into the user.
  • It generates an analytics report for the website.
  • Assists in the identification of underperforming pages that require enhancement.
  1. Imagify

The excellent WordPress plugin Imagify is made specifically for image optimization. It offers a range of features that are intended to improve the effectiveness and user interaction of your WordPress website, and it interacts with your site in a seamless manner. By continually adjusting photos to the ideal compression level, Imagify makes the process of image optimization simpler. Additionally, group optimization is supported, enabling you to optimize all existing images simultaneously. An advanced format that improves the performance and SEO of your website. Its robust features and intuitive interface make Imagify an important plugin for any WordPress site.


  • One notable feature is the ability to convert images to WebP format.
  • And the other feature is its backup and restore feature.
  1. Akismet

A WordPress plugin called Akismet guards your website against spam and harmful comments and links. It automatically filters through all comments, eliminating those that seem questionable. A status history is associated with each comment, allowing one to monitor which were intercepted or approved by Akismet. By detecting hidden or misleading hyperlinks within the comment content, it enhances the overall security stance. The utilization of Akismet is essential for every website.


Additionally, Akismet includes a discard feature that effectively removes the most malicious spam, thereby optimizing your website’s performance and preserving disk space. As a WordPress and WooCommerce anti-spam solution that is regarded as reliable.

  1. MailChimp

With its exhaustive features, MailChimp is a WordPress plugin that will transform your email marketing endeavors. It seamlessly integrates with your MailChimp account, facilitating the efficient expansion of your email list. The plugin features mobile-optimized, user-friendly registration forms that grant you complete authority over the form fields. MailChimp, in conjunction with plugins such as Boxzilla Pop-ups and Mailchimp Top Bar, are an important plugin for any WordPress site that is committed to effective email marketing.


  • It is capable of transmitting WooCommerce orders to MailChimp, therefore it helps you to monitor the revenue generated through campaigns.
  • It provides an adaptable framework to accommodate your email marketing needs.
  • It is compatible with a number of additional extensions, including Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, and WooCommerce.

With these plugins in your pocket you can enhance your website’s performance and reach new heights which you deserve.